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About & Contact

My name is CC Mason, and I'm a model, digital content creator, fashion designer, fashion journalist, and actress who splits my time between Los Angeles and England.

You may have seen me on TV or Netflix as the body double and stunt double on Pretty Little Liars for the characters of  'Red Coat,' 'Black Widow,' 'The Queen of Hearts,' and 'A!' I've also been on the Mindy Project and the Disney Chanel, amongst other appearances! 

I'm a full time model, signed to Oxygen Models, one of the top 10 agencies in the UK. I'm also digital content creator on Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube!

It doesn't stop there though - I'm a published fashion journalist (with some very exciting projects happening in 2023!) and a fashion designer. My first collection  with the brand House of Want sold out online at Nordstroms, and I have even more designs with other brands launching this year!

Want to Work with Me?

Please feel free to contact me in the message box above or at 

I am available for collaborations, modeling, campaigns, e-commerce, promotion, public speaking, and more!

For modelling work in the United Kingdom, please contact



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