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~Baby It's Cold Outside~

What's up guys and gals?! It's the time of year when us folks in California have what we describe as "winter;" when we are forced to put on pants and don coats! How dreadful! But really, it's cold enough to see your breath and it was spitting rain when I took these pictures! Any sort of weather makes me go full valley girl, cause "I can't even right now!"

Anywho, on to the outfit! In today's post, I'm rocking double denim. In the 80s, double denim was cool, then in the 90s it was worn predominantly by soccer moms, and now it's back to being cool again, though it's still a trend I don't indulge in very often. I'm wearing a sherpa jeans jacket from Forever 21; the fur is soft and a nice accent texture and color, but isn't overpowering.

I'm also wearing my new pair of "go to" jeans! They're by James Jeans in the "Twiggy" style and I adore them! It's very hard to find a pair of comfortable, wearable jeans (especially ones that are high waisted) but these are real winners! To break up the monotony of the denim I threw on a long-sleeved plaid shirt from Aeropostle. I have to say, it's taken me a while to come around to plaid again, as I was forced to wear it for most of my younger years as a school uniform!

Accessory wise I kept it simple with a black leather fringe purse and black suede shoes from my bae Steve Madden (call me! *winky face*). My stylin tortise shell sunglasses were sent to me from my friends at Reddin, and if you want to get yourself a pair, you can use the code "ccmason" to get 15% OFF any order! How AMAZING is that?!

Finally, I don't normally mention my hair in these posts because I usually just curl it, but in an attempt to combat the rain I went with two low braids. Can I just say that I'm SO GLAD that braids are in this season?! They are a blessing to girls with extra long hair (like myself) who want to make their hair look nice but avoid the dreaded breakage caused by hot curling irons!

Thanks for reading! Check back every week for new posts! The links to everything are down below! See ya next time!



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