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~I Heart Derek Heart~

What's up guys and gals?! Okay, so I'm going to be totally honest with you all. I did this, rather spur of the moment, photoshoot in this outfit and once I had all the pictures I said, "okay, these look cool, but do people really care about my uber-casual outfit?" The answer was a resounding "YES!" It was so much "yes," in fact, that Derek Heart (the maker of the sweatpants I'm wearing) regrammed me! Go HERE and give that picture a like! ;-) So here it is! The full blog!

The color palette for this one is super minimalist, which is a change from what I normally wear. The "all black everything/mostly black most things" look was very popular in Los Angeles in the early 2000s, and therefore I, along with most other people, had a lot of black in my wardrobe. I've since tried very hard to change up my attire (COLORS are your friend!), but there's something very comforting about going back to black and grey, or as the kids tend to refer to it today, "monochrome."

The black and white crop top is from H&M's "Divided" line, though you won't be able to find it because it was one of my thrift shop finds! Let's be real, there's nothing better than finding a brand you know and love for a discount!! The sweats are from the lovely Derek Heart, I've styled them as capris but they are also wearable as regular pants. Not gonna lie, I wish all fashion was this comfortable!

Finally I've finished off the look with a new pair of heels from Modcloth. If you'd like to shop their store, just click the banner in the sidebar to the right! ---->

Thanks so much for reading and check back every week with more posts!

Crop Top - H&M (A Lucky Thrift Shop Find, but therefore no link! Sorry!)

Sweatpants - Derek Heart

Shoes - Modcloth

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