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~Bring the Bling~

What's up guys and gals?! Hope you're having a good week! Sorry for the delay in, well, everything; we got a new puppy (named Georgie) and he's eating up all of my time (and anything else he can find, while he's at it!!!!)

Today we have a look that takes advantage of the warmer weather we've been having in Los Angeles recently. I built this look around these wonderful accessories from my friends at Nicole Lee, so I'm going to talk about them first!

This gold and blue necklace is a show-stopper, a real statement piece. My favorite thing about it (besides the fact that it's so shiny, of course) is that it lays flat against your chest, where as other statement necklaces are bulky and never seem to fall quite right when you put them on. The wallet/clutch is also from Nicole Lee, and is really well made and has a TON of space! You can fit all of your credit cards/ID/cash/the usual suspects in it as well as a cellphone with a case on it. Normally I find that you have to take the case of your phone to put it in a bag this size, (which is scary because what if I drop it like I always do?!), but not this time!

To really shine a spotlight on the accessories, I kept the color palette for the rest of the outfit minimal. The white crop top is from H&M's Divided range, and the blue leather jacket is from Forever 21. That jacket is one of my fave pieces, so I'm sure it will make a return on this blog eventually, seeing as how I can't stay away from it!

The skirt is from Sisley, and was one of my thrift shop finds! It's quite difficult to find a white skirt that's actually wearable, but this fabric is just thick enough to do the job! I threw on a very sparkly but entirely non-functional gold belt, because it's practically a sin to wear something with belt loops THAT BIG and not wear a belt. Finally I added my new Jessica Simpson heels. I just LOVE these puppies; they have cushioning which makes them extra comfortable to wear!

Kayley Floral Embellishment Wallet - Nicole Lee

Pendant Chain Collar Necklace Set - Nicole Lee

Blue Moto Jacket - Forever 21 (similar here)

White Crop Top - H&M (similar here)

White Mini Skirt - Sisley (Thrift Store Find!)

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