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~Retro In Red~

What's up guys and gals?! Today we're kicking it oldschool with this "New Look" inspired Modcloth outfit!

A little history lesson for you all; the dresses with square necklines, tight bodices, and wide skirts (most often worn with petticoats), refered to as "New Look," came from Christian Dior's first collection in 1947. It was his attempt at steering women's fashion away from the masculine World War II era fashion. After World War II, it was go-big or go-home in terms of dresses!

Now on to the look! This dress is fantastic, with a lot of sublte detailing, like the buttons and the bow, that make it sexy and sophisticated. On a side note, you will definitely need someone to help you button up the back, as it is nigh impossible to do alone! The dress can be styled with or without a petticoat, and though I do have several, I chose to go without and show off the more modern silhouette that can be achieved with this dress.

The shoes are a classic black strappy heel and, because they are a matte leather instead of a shiny patent leather, can be styled with a party look like this, or a more casual look, like with my Derek Heart sweats blog! The cat-shaped purse is a fun novelty piece, and brings a little bit of sparkle to the outfit with it's gold chain.

Finally, both the pearl necklace and real pearl earrings are true vintage pieces! I bought the necklace, which I wore to the 2015 Goodwood Revival, at It's A Wrap, a second hand store in Hollywood that sells clothes and accessories used in movies and TV shows, and the earrings were found at my local Goodwill! The moral of the story, thriftshops are your friends!

P.S.: How CUTE is that rose gold nailpolish from Essie?! I'm more than a little obsessed with rose gold and blush tones (so much so that I painted my bedroom a blush pink!), so this is really the color for me!

P.P.S: Fun fact, the record I'm holding is record #1 of "This Is the Big Band Era," one of my favorite things to listen to while cleaning!

Thanks for reading, as always, links are down below (AND in the SIDEBAR!) Remember to come back every week for the latest posts!


Classic Twist Dress in Ruby - Modcloth

Sought-After Sophistication Heel in Black - Modcloth

Lovely and Lush Bag - Modcloth

Penny Talk Nailpolish - Essie

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