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~Bon Voyage~

Ahoy matey! I mean...uh... What's up guys and gals?! Today we've gone for something fresh and nautical! I had the opportunity to go to the Los Angeles boat show and knew immediately that I had to take some pictures while I was there! Let's dive right in (see what I've done there?!) to the outfit, shall we?

First we have to talk about these jeans! I've worn a pair of high waisted James Jeans on the blog before with my look for Reddin Eyewear, and they fit so well I couldn't resist getting another pair! These ones are a crisp white with a flaired leg, because all things 70s are coming back this season, and they were really the jumping off point (I've done it again!) for the whole outfit!

I knew I was going to need a very high heel with these jeans so that they didn't drag on the ground, so I went for a pair of sky high platforms from Wild Diva, which have the added bonus of making me over six feet tall! (Fun fact: I didn't know this until I was writing the blog, but Wild Diva calls these the "Chunky Heel Fisherman Sandal." Kismet!)

The best thing about this outfit? Because It's all white, I could go all out with the accessories! The bag is from my friends at Nicole Lee (shoutout to Alma for picking this one out for me!). It's lovely and tropical and beachy and a wonderful pop of color! I really love the bird of paradise print as well, it's really fun to see a plant I have in my back yard on a handbag! Nearly forgot to mention the darling little pink dolphin, it doesn't come with the bag but it totally goes!

The necklace is also from Nicole Lee, and normally I don't wear the longer pentant necklaces but the colors with this outfit were just perfect! Finally I added a set of blush pink and gold bangles from L.V. Kiki. I actually didn't have a complete set of bangles, my only set was lost years ago and one piece at a time (is that always how that happens?!), so I'm being very careful to keep all of these shinies together!

Hope you enjoyed the blog, make sure to check back every week for more!


High Waisted White Shayebel - James Jeans

Chunky Heel Fisherman Sandal - Wild Diva

Tropical Flowers Mini Envelope Clutch - Nicole Lee

Dolphin Rhinestone Charm Keychain - Nicole Lee

Longline Pendant Necklace Set - Nicole Lee

Bangles - L.V. Kiki

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