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~Missguided in Leopard Print~

What's up guys and gals?! Today I'm thrilled to bring you the first of two posts that is EVERYTHING Missguided! I've really gone all out with this one so I hope you enjoy!

First let's look at the main attraction - the dress! This nude and pink cheeta print is absolutely adorable! It makes that "I'm-wearing-leopard-print" statement without also screaming "I'm-a-middle-aged-woman-in-Long-Island!" The material is stretchy, so it hugs all the right places, but the cut makes sure the curves aren't overshadowed by awkward pantie lines or odd shadows. I've paired the dress with a flat black, slim, retro style belt (one of my thrift shop finds) because I felt it gave the flowing dress a bit of structure and helped me make the piece my own!

The black faux-suede heels are also from Missguided. I absolutely love the tie detail on the back, it's functional in making sure the shoe fits your foot, but also very cute! I really love the cutouts and the lines of this shoe and think it's a fantastic modern take on a classic heel.

I stepped up the makeup and accessories with this look to get that va-va-va-voom going! My whole eyeshadow look was done using the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. My eyelashes are the Velour Silk Lashes from my Sephora Haul, and when you put them on you can really feel and see the quality versus some of the other, cheaper lashes. On my lips I used three NYX products; the NYX lip liner in MAUVE, the NYX Lingerie Liquid Lipstick in EXOTIC, and finally a dab of the NYX soft matte lip cream in STOCKHOLM in the center! I also used OPI's fantastic nude "Dulche de Leche" on my nails, which I'm currently growing out and BOY OH BOY is that a challenge!

I rounded the whole outfit off with some stacked gold rings (that I got on the internet somewhere) and my favorite pair of gold hoops! Fun fact, I've had to let my ear piercings grow closed, so these hoops are actually clip-ons! They are wildly comfy and I find no one knows the difference!

Hope you liked the look, as always, all the links to the products are below! Once again I have to give a huge shout out to my friends at Missguided for sending these pieces (AND some other ones you'll see later) my way! Make sure to check back every week for another post!

Lots of love,


Short Sleeve Skater Dress Camel Leopard Print - Missguided

Bow Tie Back Heeled Sandals Black - Missguided

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