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~Amped Up~

What's up guys and Gals?! Today's blog brings another all-Missguided look! Can't thank them enough for sending me all of these gorgeous pieces! Now let's go over this look top to bottom!

I went with a VERY curled hair again for this look, though not quite as Jersey as in the last post! The eye makeup was done using what I've decided is the god-amongst-eyeshadow-palettes, the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. The eyelashes are Velour Silk Lashes from Sephora, and both of those products (and more!) can be seen in my Sephora Haul blog!

I added a little extra edge by popping on a septum clip which I got via Amazon. As someone who had/has a variety of piercings, I've always felt a septum piercing was a little TOO extreme for me (though some people can rock them without even trying, and I TOTALLY envy those people) so it's fun to be able to pop on a temporary piece and feel really cool for the 30 minutes I can stand to wear one!

Now on to the clothes! This Mesh Panel Hoodie is from Missguided's new Active line! It's very comfortable and, unlike the plastic-y mesh you'll find on some garments, the mesh in this piece actually breathes. The mesh fully encompasses the shoulders, so if you are going to wear it to work out, be sure you don't mind the straps of your sports bra showing! If you are going to wear it for a more fun-time-out-with-your-friends look like I did here, you'll probably want to opt for a strapless bra. Any way you look at it, this piece is super versatile, and really spices up the boring cropped sweatshirt.

I paired the hoodie with Missguided's Lace Up Mini Skirt in white. I really love pairing a skirt with a crop top that isn't super fitted, it gives a look a kind of relaxed-sexiness that I find really appealing. The lace up detailing on the skirt is very nice, and the eyelets are a muted brushed silver, so you can feel free to mix metals without a care (like I've done here.) Also, the color is a very crisp white, rather than an off-white or cream, and that helps to elevate the look from slouchy to bright and energetic.

Finally, I wrapped up the look with a pair of Barely There Heeled Sandals in white. These strappy heels are a must have for everyone's wardrobe! I'm a shoeaholic (seriously, Urban Dictionary defines a shoeaholic as someone who has over 60 pairs of shoes, and I am quickly approaching 100!) but sometimes you've got to let the rest of the outfit do the talking! The barely there aspect of the shoe is flirty and fun, and helps extend the leg, versus wearing a chunky heel that would shorten it.

I hope you liked today's outfit! Check back every week for more posts, and remember to follow me on all of my social media sites! (Links are to the right! --->)


P.S. The Amp in the picture is my Marshall practice amp! It's a fantastic piece of kit and great for playing smaller venues like coffee shops!

Active Mesh Panel Hoodie - Missguided

Lace Up Mini Skirt - Missguided

Three Strap Barely There Heeled Sandals - Missguided

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