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~Ready To Travel!~

What's up guys and gals?! It's time for another blog post! I've been gearing up for my trip to the UK next week! Very hectic but also very exciting! I'll be at the British Touring Car Championship as a guest of Honda/Halfords Yuasa Racing and then on the British radio show Tin Top Tuesday! I'll tweet out the link to the show when it's live, so be sure to follow me on Twitter!

Now on to this week's look! I call this style "California Brunch," casual, but still sophisticated! Let's start with our statement pieces first. I've talked about and showcased my friends Nicole Lee a lot, but this time they've really outdone themselves! I don't think I've ever seen a set of briefcases/suitcases/hard shelled purses like this before! The quality is EXCELLENT; the texture to the (Vegan) leather, the color, the hardware, you can tell they really put love and thought into the design! The smaller bag even fits snugly inside the larger one, so storage is a breeze! If you're looking for something ultra-classic, Nicole Lee is, as always, the place to go!

The dress I'm wearing is a navy and white striped tank dress from H&M's Divided range. The simplicity of the dress and cut make it wearable for most occasions; throw on some sandals and run out the door for a super relaxed look, freshen it up with some denim and a pair of heels like I did here, or throw on a blazer and some jewelry for a beachy night out! My only complaint? It tends to ride up, so make sure to protect your...erm, modesty...ladies, if you intend to wear a dress like this!

The denim jacket is from the smaller but dependable company Love, Fire Clothing. The denim is spring weight, so it wards off the cool breeze but don't expect it to do much else! The sleeves are full length, but this outfit vibed better with them rolled up. Overall this is another great, reusable piece; a real wardrobe staple. (Are you seeing a trend yet?! Haha!)

Finally we finish off this post with my nude Jessica Simpson platform heels, which I was lucky enough to get on sale! These (and any) nude shoes really extend the leg, and I'm all about that! They're clearly another...wait for it!... Mix-and-match wardrobe staple!

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed the post! I'll post all of my UK adventures AND another blog next week as per usual! See you next week!


Briefcase Combo Set - Nicole Lee

Blue Striped Dress - H&M (similar here)

Denim Dress - Love, Fire Clothing

Bette- Nude Patent High Heels - Jessica Simpson

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