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What's up guys and gals?! As you're reading this I've just gotten back from the UK! (Have you been keeping up on Instagram and Twitter?!)

The accessories in this blog? Minimal. The ponytail? Higher than the international space station! The dress? ON FIRE!

Missguided really hit it out of the park with this one! The color is a bold fire engine red, and it has the perfect combination of textures! A little sheer, a little mesh, a little lace, and a whole lot of Va-va-voom! On a side note, I HAD to take these pics by our gorgeous newly blossoming bottle brush trees, despite constantly dodging bees to get these photos done!

The shoes, from Bella Luna, are ones you've seen before, but a sparkly nude pointed toe heel is just what this dress called for! (Another side note: I was really in a nude mood when I was selecting the shoes for the last two blogs! But who can blame me, right?!)

Now the purse in this post is something really special, at least to me. It's real vintage at 25 years old! How do I know exactly how old it is? Because my dad bought it for my mom as a gift when they started dating! How SWEET is that?!

I've wrapped this outfit up with a pair of MASSIVE gold earrings, which I think gave the whole look a stylish, oriental vibe!

I hope you liked this post! Thanks for reading and I'll see you next week!


Lace Cut Out Sleeveless Bodycon Dress - Missguided

Shoes - Bella Luna

Purse - Vintage!

PS: Ever have problems keeping a straight face during pictures?! I know I do!

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