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~Springtime Bling~

What's up guys and gals?!

Is it cliche to start a blog with "Spring is in the air"? Well, I don't care. SPRING IS IN THE AIR! WOO! I am so thrilled to be wearing mini skirts again! Too long have they been gathering dust in my closet. Time to bring them out, put them on, walk out the door, and then remember I've forgotten to shave my legs... Whoops! Ah well, live and let live I suppose!

Today we've got all the spring essentials in one post; crop top, lace, mini skirt, and BLING! Let's start with the shiny stuff, shall we? This purse is another stunner sent to me by my friends at Nicole Lee. It has two zippers, one on top which allows it to function as a normal purse, and one which unzips a whole side! This, in combination with the unique barrel shape, enables the handbag to become a perfect beach tote! You could definitely fit a pair of flip flops and a bikini in there, no sweat! And can we talk about the gold accents on the handle?! Just dying.

The top I'm wearing is from For Love & Lemons and is BY FAR one of the most expensive pieces I've ever bought. When it arrived in the mail I thought "All that money for a CROP TOP?!" But ladies, this piece is SO worth the investment. I've posted pictures of myself in this top on my instagram before, but I've never done a full blog on it, so here's the rundown. The lace is of an incredibly high quality and very soft, which is a pleasant surprise as I find cheaper laces tend to be quite scratchy. It's an astoundingly versatile piece, I've worn this top with low-rise and high-rise jeans of varying colors, as well as with shorts and now a mini-skirt. It really goes with anything and the cut is very flattering. My only complaint is that it's more of an off-white/cream color rather than a crisp white, but it's really a minor complaint, and I feel that the cream color will wear better over time.

In stark contrast to the top, both this daring fire engine red mini skirt AND my metallic pointed toe pumps are from a thrift store! It's really unfortunate that people seem to be ashamed of getting clothes second-hand, because I've found most of my best pieces from places like the Goodwill and Salvation Army! Not to mention the added bonus of not having to break in a pair of shoes! As an aside, metallics of ALL varieties are very in this season, silver especially so, so if you find a pair, my suggestion is buy, buy, BUY!

Hope you enjoyed this blog! Keep checking back for more!


Purse - Nicole Lee

Lace Crop Top - For Love & Lemons

Mini Skirt - Thrift Shop Find!

Metallic Heels - Thrift Shop Find!

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