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~Double Feature!~

What's up guys and gals?! Today we're doubling up on all the blogging goodness by featuring TWO dresses from Vesper247, TWO pairs of sunglasses from NoWeekends, and TWO phone cases from ZGLA.

Let's start with ensemble number one, the red look. This Lulu Keyhole Midi Dress from Vesper is a charming, conservative dress that gives a fresh twist on a classic silhouette. The shoulder detailing hearkens back to the 50s era capes of Audrey Hepburn, which is something I'd love to see brought back onto the fashion scene! To contrast with the more modest cut of the dress, I paired it with my all-time favorite high heels from Shiekh Women! I've had these shoes for a while but have never had an outfit to wear them with until now. Luckily for me, plexi/perspex heels are making a huge comeback right now, so these babies are right on trend.

My first pair of sunglasses from NoWeekends are the Luna sunnies in fuchsia. The best piece of fashion advice I have to give was garnered from "What Not To Wear" host Stacy London, who said that clothing and accessories "don't have to match, they just have to go," and these sunglasses are the perfect example of that. They're a vibrant flip-flop pink and purple, but are close enough in the red color family that they mesh well with the dress. They also have a gold frame, in contrast to the silver hardware on the shoes, but thankfully in 2016 it is fully acceptable to mix and match metals!

Finally, to wrap up this first look, I've added the Desire iPhone case from ZGLA. I've never featured a phone case on this blog because I've always thought they were kind of a "throw-away" accessory, however, the cases from ZGLA are different as they have fantastic patterns and textures! This one has a very classic embroidered floral design, which I felt went really well with this dress. Overall I feel that this first look is very eclectic and exciting, and is something that you could wear on a fun night out with your girlfriends.

The second look, featuring the Tessa Pencil Dress, also from Vesper, is much more toned down and work-appropriate, while still maintaining a sense of personality and individuality. The camel color of the dress is very on trend currently and the black collar, cuffs, and belt keep the whole outfit looking crisp and new. The cut of the dress is timeless and incredibly flattering; it really helps accentuate your curves without coming across as "just too much."

The heels, Dahlia Perspex Heels from Public Desire, are equal parts ageless and contemporary, just like the dress, and really help to put an exciting twist on the basic patent leather pump.

I kept complementary colors in mind when picking the finishing pieces for look number two, so I went with varying shades of blue. The Kat sunglasses from NoWeekends have a large blue lens and a subtle metallic accent, and the ZGLA Aura Wallet Case alternates between a light blue and lavendar, all the while maintaining its edgy snake print texture.

I'm going to take a quick moment here to sing some praises about the wallet case, which I've been using since we did this shoot. It's just so incredibly handy! It holds your I.D. and one credit card, so it's perfect if you want to go out and about but don't want to take a huge handbag with you. Bringing a clutch to a bar for a night out and don't have a lot of space? This is the phone case for you!

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this double feature! As always the links to all of the items are below! See you next time!


Check out ALL of ZGLA's awesome phone cases HERE!

Look #1

Lulu Keyhole Midi Dress - Vesper247

Spiked Heels - Shiekh Women

Luna Fuchsia Sunglasses - NoWeekends

Desire iPhone 6/6s Case - ZGLA

Look #2

Tessa Pencil Dress - Vesper247

Dahlia Perspex Heels - Public Desire

Kat Black & Blue Sunglasses - NoWeekends

Aura Wallet iPhone 6/6s Case - ZGLA

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