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~All That Glitters Is Green~

What's up guys and gals?! Today on the blog we're diving into sequin city with this gorgeous Motel Gabby Sequin Dress!

I've never done a sequin dress on the blog before, and I'm so glad this was the first one! It's just fabulous! I think it may spark a series of glitter themed posts here on the blog - luckily I already have a whole section of my closet dedicated to shiny things! The cut of the dress, with its long sleeves and it's V back detailing, really showcases the iridescent sequins without stealing the show from them. I've really got to hand it to Motel Rocks, this dress is a showstopper!

Because the dress itself was so eye catching, I didn't feel the need to add any accessories to it, which I know is shocking seeing as how I'm the jewelry queen! Instead I paired it with my suede lace up Steve Madden heels and the dazzling Catrina liquid lipstick from LA Splash cosmetics, which also happens to have a "flip-flop" color effect. Additionally I went for the ever-popular top knot which, side note, I'm still not sure if I like or knot (hahaha sorry couldn't help myself!) But in all honesty, I was only satisfied with the top knot once I added a braid around it and a few in my hair to tie the look together.

I hope you like this look! As always the links are down below! See you next time!


Gabby Sequin Dress - Motel Rocks

FreeMee Lace-Up Heels - Steve Madden

Catrina Liquid Lipstick - LA Splash Cosmetics

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