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~Boyfriend Jeans~

What's up guys and gals?! In this post I'm showcasing my FIRST (yeah you read that right) pair of boyfriend jeans!

Boyfriend jeans are one of those styles that I've always been warry of. If they don't fit properly, the results can be catastrohpic, but thankfully Boohoo has really made something spectacular with this pair!

The white bodysuit is also from Boohoo, and features natural-waist height cut outs and a mesh inlay. I found it to be incredibly flattering on my body type, though be warned, taller girls may find themselves becoming, erm, intimately aquainted with the bodysuit, as is often the case. I don't tend to have these problems with the Boohoo "Tall" range, so if you are taller and looking for a bodysuit, I recommend looking there!

My friends at GetDressed2, who I featured in my last blog, sent me the black, mesh bomber from MCPlanet Paris. It is incredibly light weight and, as I've mentioned on my Instagram, is the perfect summer bomber jacket. For us folks in Los Angeles, and for anyone who lives in a hot climate, really, incorporating the outerwear styles of the season is very difficult. Just this week, the temperatures were in excess of 105F (40C), so finding a piece like this was so exciting! I really love the parallels of the holes in the jeans, bodysuit, and bomber; it makes the outfit feel very cohesive.

Finally, we'll wrap up today's post with accessories. My shoes are from the beauties over at Lasula. I realized just recently that I didn't have any simple black high heels, so these are just the ticket! They add a nice contrast to the light and airy colors of the bodysuit and jeans. I've also added a Nicole Lee bag. If you've been following my blog for any length of time, you'll know that I LOVE everything Nicole Lee does, and this bag is no exception!

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed! Links are below, as always! Make sure to check back for more blogs!


Lea Low Rise Distressed Boyfriend Jeans- Boohoo

Poppy Mesh Cut Out Plunge Body - Boohoo

Mesh Cropped Bomber Jacket - MCPlanet Paris/GetDressed2

No More Tiers Faux Suede Multi Strap Heels Black - Lasula

Butterfly Print Mini Cross Body - Nicole Lee

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