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~Bodysuit Boss~

What's up guys and gals?! Today is another post brought to you by Boohoo!

Boohoo is the company that started my foray into the bodysuit world, mostly because their "Tall" range has body suits that actually fit me! This khaki number gives the illusion of a lot of cleavage, with its two front straps, without actually asking you to bare it all!

I've found that for me, personally, khaki is a difficult color to wear, so I made sure to pair the bodysuit with crisp colors to compensate for that! The light weight bomber jacket, also from Boohoo, has lovely pops of orange, hot pink, and blue, which really help to liven up this look.

For bottoms I chose a pair of high waisted, frayed, black denim shorts from GJG denim. They're quite form fitting but, because the fabric has some stretch, are quite comfortable to wear. I wasn't much into the frayed look until just recently, but I have to say, it's growing on me!

Finally we can wrap it up with accessories! My chunky, silver necklace is from L.V. Kiki, and it's nothing if not a statement piece! My sneaker wedges from Rock & Candy are old palls of mine (not kidding, I have 3 pairs in 3 different colors) and I picked them because the canvas is a neutral color, tan, but the orange stripe still ties in with the orange in the jacket!

I also have to give a big thank you to Boohoo for featuring me on their blog! You can read it HERE!

Hope you enjoyed reading! Remember to check back often for more blogs and I'll see you next time!


Tall Erika Strappy Bodysuit - Boohoo

Maya Oriental Floral Bomber - Boohoo

High Rise Denim Shorts - GJG Denim

Silver Necklace - L.V. Kiki

Wedge Sneaker - Rock & Candy (Sold Out)

Phone Case - ZGLA

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