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~Let's Talk Tech~

What's up guys and gals?! Today it's time to talk tech! I've never done a tech blog before and there's no time like the present, so let's hop right into it.

In this blog I'm going to be going over my technical blogging essentials (and of course showing you how I add a little sparkle to the mundane.)

Let's start with the classics - my laptop and my cell phone. Both of these are sporting skins from CaseApp. CaseApp is fantastic because it lets you design your own skins for your laptop and phone. I've really been liking the marble look but I didn't want the white and black one because, as you know, I live for everything colorful. So instead I went a lovely and trendy, though admittedly muted, blush pink. I found the line art on Google, overlayed the two images, and voila - custom skins! I added a little extra flair with some stickers that my friend sent me, and have added more since. You really can never have too many stickers! If you'd like to make your own case and/or skins, you can use "CCMASONRLLY20" for 20% off!

Up next we've got the camera! It's a Nikon D7100, and it's what we use to shoot most of the pictures for my blog. ("WE," of course, referring to my awesome mom who takes all my pictures for me!) We're looking into investing in a new lense so we can get a bit more artsy, but really it's a pretty cool camera! The biggest problem is that it tends to overheat in the 105F degree weather, (but then again, so do I! haha!) so we've taken to sticking it in the fridge to cool it off in between looks! It has space for two memory cards, so the dreaded "storage full" alert is really never a problem!

Next up is something small but very handy, a portable charger from Chic Buds! This one is a new toy for me, so I'm looking forward to testing it out and seeing if it really charges your phone three times as it claims to. Really I just have to recommend getting a portable charger, regardless of your brand preference, because phone batteries really don't hold a charge like they used to! Sometimes I long for the days of the Nokia brick phones!

Finally, we have the bling, courtesy of Sudio Sweden! Sudio was kind enough to send me a set of their chic, wireless earbuds, which are designed and manufactured in Sweden. They rid you of the hassel of tangled wires, mostly because of their anti-tangle cord, allowing more freedom of movement when you're on the go. You'll never have that awkward "caught my headphones on the door handle/coat button/desk chair" moment again, which is quite the relief. If you're looking to get one of the new iPhone 7's, these are the headphones for you! They cost less than the Apple Airpods (especially if you use my code "ccmason" for 15% off!), and also boast a longer battery life and 4 sizes of in-ear sleeves so that you can choose the most comforatble fit!

Looks wise they're miles above the rest, with gold accents and a modern euro flair. They come with a smart leather carrying case, which matches the color of the headphones - black, white, blue, or pink. I'll be posting a blog soon featuring an activewear look styled around these earbuds, so keep on the lookout for that!

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed! The links to everything I mentioned are below as always!


Custom Laptop Skin and iPhone Case - CaseApp || Use "CCMASONRLLY20" for 20% off!

Camera - Nikon D7100

Portable Charger - Chic Buds

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