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~Want My Look?~

What's up guys and gals?! I'm rocking a minimalist look on today's blog (not only in color, but also in fabric! haha!)

The co-ord is from the absolute babes at Want My Look. It's something that I haven't done on the blog yet, but is a really hot style this year. The first time I posted a shot from this on my blog I called it "Oh Hey Kim K" because, let's be honest, it was her and the rest of the Kardashian clan that popularized this look. The best part about this co-ord, in my opinion, is the lace up detail on the side of the skirt, which really defines it from the standard "bandeau and midi-skirt" combo that you see so often.

Instead of adding a pop of color for this look, I went for accessorizing with different textures. My embroidered floral choker and my glistening silver ring are both from Genevere Rose. The phone case, which features a black cat that looks an awful lot like my Stephen Fry, is from GoCase. I added a pair of silver earrings, which I've had FOREVER (okay, really more like 3 years, but in fashion terms, that's forever) and wrapped the whole thing up with my stunning Betsey Johnson heels.

I kept the hair and makeup minimal as well, opting for a sleek, low ponytail and a huge pair of false lashes! I do love the low pony look, but honestly I think my face is just too round for it. I need a little height so that I don't look like a perfect circle. Side note: baby CC totally had a perfect circle for a face, and even got into arguments with her classmates during kindergarden art class because "my face is really that round though!"

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed! As always, all of the links to the things I'm wearing are below! See you next time!


Savannah Set Co-ord - Want My Look

Black Daisy Choker - Genevere Rose

Sterling Silver Talon Ring - Genevere Rose

Affection Phone Case - GoCase

Elle Sunglasses - NoWeekends

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