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~Fall-ing for You~

What's up guys and gals?! It's Fall! It's finally Fall! I know it's technically been Fall for weeks, but I had to put on a sweater this morning, and for Californians that means FALL! To celebrate the fact that I can finally release my jackets and knitwear from the confines of the back of my closet, we're going to be looking at an outfit with some beautiful autumnal colors.

Everything I'm wearing in this blog comes from a company that I've never featured on the blog before - Lasula! I recently discovered them on Instagram and immediately assembled this great fall look!

Mustard is definitely one of the hot colors this season. Though I was (and admittedly still am) kind of against its' chartreuse counterpart, I find mustard to be a cozy and inviting color. I really love that this seasons' colors are the muted, jewel-toned versions of the primary colors - red, yellow, and blue become burgundy, mustard, and navy. I've worn a lot of leather biker jackets over the years, so I consider myself a biker jacket expert, of sorts. It is very difficult to find a jacket which is long enough in the torso to actually fit me, I'm rather long all over, but this mustard one is cut at an excellent length! The sleeves were a bit too short for me, however, so I rolled them to be a 3/4 sleeve instead.

The rust knit top features two fantastic lace up details in the front. They really help add character and texture to what would otherwise be a basic, sleeveless knit crop top. I really like the fit of this (it's quite figure hugging, if you catch my drift) so I definitely recommend it.

For the skirt I've gone with another leather-look piece, this time in khaki. Khaki was another color I was resistant to initally (I think it reminded me of a similar toned green uniform I once had to wear) but now I've started to welcome it into my wardrobe. Will I cry when it goes out of season? Probably not. But for now, I'll enjoy using it as one of this seasons' new neutrals! This skirt has fantastic embroidery detail on the side, another great trend that I definitely WILL miss when it goes out of style, which features similar mustard colors to the jacket. The embroidery also adds in a little spark of blue. This helps to balance out the other, much warmer, colors of the outfit.

Finally, we've got the suede boots. Any shoe that makes me well over 6 feet tall when I put them on is immediately in the running for being my favorite shoe. I find that these shoes are incredibly sturdy and well balanced, which is always an issue when you buy a shoe that isn't designer (read: RIDICULOUSLY expensive.) And since I don't buy designer shoes all too often, it's really nice to find a place that sells good shoes at a reasonable price. I also like that I can wear these in pretty much any weather. They give me the Fall boot vibe without giving me the "legs-are-covered-in-sweat" knee boot dilemma.

Over all I really have to hand it to Lasula, they have some FANTASTIC pieces and you should give them a look if you haven't already!

Thanks so much for reading! As always, the links to everything are below! See you in the next blog!


Hot Mama Faux Leather Biker Jacket - Lasula || Sold out in Mustard!

Final Tie Lace Up Detailed Crop Top - Lasula || NOW ON SALE!

It's All In The Detail Flower Applique Mini Skirt - Lasula

The Sky's the Limit Platform Ankel Boots - Lasula

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