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~The Hunt for Red...November~

What's up guys and gals?! It's November 1st, the start to my favorite time of year! The weather is getting cooler, and I can start decorating my house with glitter and lights without having to face the judgement of others! Haha! Anyways, I decided to kick off this month with something a little sexy, so let's get to it!

My look today is head-to-toe PrettyLittleThing. One of my first blogs, Bathed In Burgundy, featured a burgundy PLT dress, and so I thought it was a nice little call back to do a similar colored, but admittedly very different styled, dress! This silky, slinky little number features a plunging neckline which meets at a knot in the front. It's asymetrical hem gives this dress a sultry Jessica Rabbit vibe, but beware! The wind likes to take this dress and run with it, so if you're planning on wearing this to an outdoor party, I'd reccomend pinning it closed so you don't flash your friends! I found that I did not have the same issue with the top portion of this dress, though your results may vary depending on the size of your boobs. (By the by, you guys, if you didn't read that last bit in an infomercial announcer voice, go back and read it again. Don't worry, I'll wait!)

Though the fabric makes this dress look luxe, I felt the need to add a bit of bling, so I paired the dress with PLT's drop chain choker. This necklace was the perfect addition to this look, it brought the pizzaz and also made the neckline feel a little less bare.

In keeping with the silk theme, I finished off the look with a pair of Black Ribbon Lace Sandals. I picked a black heel to make this look feel more like a look you would wear out with the girls, but I think you could also wear a gold or silver metallic heel, or a pair of gladiator sandals if you're not playing the high heel game.

Thanks for reading and HAPPY NOVEMBER! I'll see you in the next blog! As always all links are below!


Melody Burgundy Choker Detail Asymmetric Maxi Dress - PrettyLittleThing

Carrey Black Ribbon Lace Sandals - PrettyLittleThing (NOW ON SALE!)

Feviah Gold Drop Chain Choker - PrettyLittleThing

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