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~Take The Plunge~

What's up guys and gals?! Are you ready to get sexy in suede? If so, this is the blog for you! Let's take the plunge and dive in to this stellar outfit!

Both the dress and the heels are from Missguided, but we'll focus on the dress first. This tan suede mini dress is perfect for a party look. It completely dissregards the Hollywood "rule of thirds," but sometimes that's exactly what you need. For those who don't know, the Hollywood rule of thirds, not to be confused with the photography rule of thirds, reccomends that you only show a third of the available skin. For example, if you're going to show your legs, cover your cleavage and back. The thought is that if you leave a little mystery, your look is actually MORE appealing. In cases like this dress, however, it is perfectly fine to show it all! So I did! I love the lace-up detailing that accents the sleeves and the waist, it really helps to elevate the dress from your standard suede. The plunging V-neck is a bit daring, so if you like the look of the ensemble but think that may be too much cleavage for your taste, you could easily throw on a lace bralette or lace bodysuit to break up all the skin.

I absolutely love the perspex/acrylic heels that I'm wearing in this blog and I have a strong feeling that you'll be seeing a lot of them over the coming months. At first glance they appear to have no straps at all, and this really helps to lengthen the leg. The tan and clear color palette helps to keep this heel looking minmal and fresh, and makes these a fantastic pair of shoes for a capsule wardrobe. They're fun, sexy, and go with pretty much everything!

Finally, I've added a ton of bling to this look in the form of two large rhinestone bracelettes and a rhinestone choker. I don't have links to any of the actual jewelry pieces that I'm wearing in this blog, but I've provided links to alternatives below!

Thanks so much and I hope you enjoyed this blog! Keep checking back for more new content and, as always, links are below! See ya next time!


Perspex 3 Strap Barely There Heeled Sandals Nude - Missguided

Faux Suede Long Sleeve Bodycon Dress - Missguided

Rhinestone Choker Alternative - NastyGal

Rhinestone Bracelet Alternative - JCPenney

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