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~Time of the Season~

What's up guys and gals?! Today we're embracing fall, and all of fall's latest trends, in this head-to-toe Boohoo outfit!

Let's start from the ground up with these killer over the knee boots! Yes, it's finally that point in the year where you can wear these types of boots without pretending that you're not dripping with sweat underneath them. I realize that that may be a California/super-hot-part-of-the-world only problem, but it's definitely an issue that I've experienced enough to warrant a mention of it! These boots are pretty classic, with their black suede and peep toe, and should stand the test of time as long as square heels are still in style!

We've got another great suede piece with this khaki, double lace up skirt. I'm not sure how much longer khaki will be an "in" color, so despite my love/hate relationship with it, I've decided to embrace it until it goes! It really is this seasons' new neutral!

Speaking of khaki, how cute is the khaki and black faux leather tote bag? I love the gold grommets in the straps, and this bag is just the right size!

Another trend in this season is knitwear. I've done quite a lot of knitwear because it's so cozy (and let's be real, it makes the tatas look goood! Can you say "sweater puppies?! Haha!) For this blog I chose a neutral sand color and a more loose-fitting cut, which I feel makes the whole look a bit more relaxed. The sweater has shoulder cutouts, which put it into the "could shoulder" sweater category. Can we just take a moment and marvel at how, every year without fail, the fashion world renames something you were SURE you knew the name of?! Last year it was co-ords - "Two piece? What do you mean 'two piece?!' That's a coordinate!"

Finally we have the outerwear - a suede moto jacket in a dark camel color. Moto jackets are slowly replacing bomber jackets as the coat of choice by many, and that is totally okay with me as I already had half a dozen or so moto jackets in my closet! I love that this particular coat is cropped, it helps keep the look feeling young and fresh.

Hopefully you all enjoyed this look! Thanks so much for reading and, as always, links are below! See ya next time!


Lois Cold Shoulder Jumper - Boohoo

Priya Lace Up Suedette Mini Skirt - Boohoo

Niamh Boutique Faux Suede Biker Jacket - Boohoo

Lola Peeptoe Block Heel Over the Knee Boots - Boohoo

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