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~Top 5 Gift Guide!~

What's up guys and gals?! Are you at a loss for what to buy your loved one for the holidays?! Perhaps you’re going on a fantastic holiday and want to make sure everyone is set to jet? Well then, look no further! Here's my quick hitting 5 picks for holiday gifts!

1. Have a makeup lover in your life? Get them a custom eyeshadow palette from MAC cosmetics! They can pick out the colors that they'll use the most, and have a travel ready palette in no time! The cost of this palette, with 15 different, replaceable eyeshadows, is $101! CLICK HERE!

2. Looking to get that stylish someone a chic accessory that won't break the bank? Give the babes over at No Weekends a look! They have a fantastic range of sunglasses and chokers (and they're just starting to roll out clothes, too!) The Carmen sunglasses I'm wearing only cost $25! CLICK HERE!

3. This handy-dandy eyebrow tool kit from Chella ($45) is perfect for a beautiful babe on the go! They have some fantastic beauty products that keep her organized and looking fresh! I highly recommend checking out their other products as well, they have some fantastic stuff! CLICK HERE!

4. I discovered the brand Luxtrada at StyleCon this year, and let me tell you, when I got their shoes in the mail I thought, “What a fab gift idea!” They have sandals (and heels coming soon) of various designs and they come in this adorable, stylish box with handles! They are a little more pricey (the Cici Safari Bikini Sandal I’m wearing is $198), but their quality is second to none! CLICK HERE!

5. The babes at Nicole Lee make the perfect bags. Whether you’re looking for a conservative, unisex bag for work, or a loud, eye-catching bag that screams “LOOK AT ME!”, they’ve got you covered! I recommend checking their website for all the best goodies, but this travel organizer wallet really fits the theme of this post! It has a spot for your ticket, your documents, your passport, and anything else you may need to bring with you whilst globe trotting! It’s currently on the website for $42.99, so get it while it’s hot! CLICK HERE!

Bonus Gift! Looking for a gift for the whole family?! Save a little furry life and adopt a pet! This is my newest baby Hugh, and she's a little cuddle monster (though she's not very fond of cameras!)


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