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~Vacation is Calling~

What's up guys and gals?! Today I want to show you how to style your summer wardrobe for your destination vacation! I initially showcased this pink dress from WantMyLook during the height of summer, but looking at it now, I think it's a perfect dress for a winter getaway!

The dress is a beautiful peachy-pink color, one that I find looks good both before AND after your holiday tan. It really exudes the holiday vibes. The scoop back and the plunging neckline deliver a super flirty and fun feeling, making it great for a day trip to the beach or evening cocktails! Whether you're planning on going to Hawaii, Ibiza, or some tucked away corner of the Carribean, this dress should definitely make it into your suitcase!

The tan patent leather and perspex boots are from Ego, and they go with just about everything. They're super comfortable, so theoretically you could wear them in the airport with pants and a coat, and out and about with a dress like this! Most boots like these make the leg look shorter, due to the harsh line ending mid-shin, but the color helps to negate that and keep your leg looking long and lean!

For a little extra something I added my Nicole Lee watch. This watch mimics the look of bangles or stacked bracelets, but folds up neatly into one little bundle. Perfect for holiday travel!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this look! As always, the links are below! See ya next time!


Alison Mini Dress [ON SALE NOW] - WantMyLook

Kylie Perspex Heel Nude Ankle Boot [ON SALE NOW] - Ego

Fashion Bracelet Watch - Nicole Lee

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