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~School Girlin'~

What's up guys and gals?! Today's post features a pretty classic look - the plaid clad school girl. Now I don't know about you, but I spent my whole life in plaid skirts and polo shirts! Part of the reason I love fashion is because I lived so much of my life in uniforms! But now I've taken the plaid skirt back!

Both the skirt and top are on this blog courtesy of Romwe. The skirt and top are both a shockingly good quality, and are pieces I think I could wear again. I love the elbow cut outs on the top, it helps to spice up an otherwise boring black crop top. The skirt is made of a wool-esque fabric, and it makes it easy to wear during any season.

Both the boots and the killer fishnet tights are from MissPap. I am SO thrilled to be working with MissPap, as I've been a fan of their clothing and shoes for years! One of these days I'll post a blog showcasing all of my favorite shoes from them, but until then, you can enjoy checking out these puppies! They are wildly comfortable and the heels are very sturdy - none of that breaks-off-on-a-crack-in-the-sidewalk nonsense! As a certified shoe addict, I have a deep appreciation for well-balanced heels, and these are certainly one of those pairs!

Hope you liked this little blog! As always, links to everything are down below! Thanks for reading and I'll see you next time!


Black Elbow Cut Out Crop T-shirt - Romwe

Red High Waist Plaid Pleated Skirt - Romwe

Eliza Black Diamond Fishnet Tights - MissPap

Elise Black Knit Stretch Ankle Boots - MissPap

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