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~True Blue~

What's up guys and gals?! Today I'm styling the ever-popular sweater dress! So let's dive in to the details!

I was really excited to style this powder blue dress from Lasula. I'd seen a lot of girls styling this type of dress, but I'd never seen one in this color. Long before I fell in love with rose and blush, my favorite color to wear was blue. Turqouise, teal, robin's egg... you name it, I wore it! Though to be honest, I never wore navy if I didn't have to- I still don't! It reminds me of many of my old (and frankly dreadful) school uniforms! But this dress is just the perfect shade! I even loved it enough to paint my nails a matching color for this shoot! (The color is "wispy clouds" by L'oreal, by the way.) I was a little concerned about this only coming in one size, but was relieved that it fit fantastically! It is, admittedly, quite short on me, but who ever turned their nose up at a mini dress?! Certainly not me!

I added some distressed denim boots from Lasula in a complementary shade of blue. I love a dark washed denim, my favorite pair of jeans is nearly the same shade, and I feel like a darker denim will always be in style. Don't get me wrong, I'll wear those acid washed, bedazzled things for as long as they're on trend, but I won't be sad to see them go! These over the knee boots have a fantastic stiletto heel, which I much prefer over a chunky heel on a boot like this. But the best part is that they're super comfortable to walk in! None of that "can we stop for a minute? We've walked five feet and I feel like my toes are going to fall off" nonsense! A+ job, Lasula!

I wanted to continue adding a bit of texture with the accessories, so I slid into a pair of white fishnets. I felt that black fishnets would have contrasted too much with the gentle colors, so the white ones added just the right amount of sass! I finished the look off with some chunky gold bling and a pair of blue lense aviators!

I didn't think that anything could top my fur lined parka and velvet boots from my Coat Week Edit, but this look has done it! Favorite look of 2017 thus far! If you love this look, you can use my code CCMASON24 for a discount!!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this look! As always, the links are below! See you next time!


Powder Blue Troublemaker Distressed Jumper - Lasula

Bolt From The Blue Denim Over The Knee Boots Dark Blue - Lasula

White Catch Some Attention Fishnet Tights - Lasula

Kila Gold Chain Choker - Pretty Little Thing

Carmen Blue Aviator Sunglasses - NoWeekends

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