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~The Bridal Edit~

What's up guys and gals?! Okay, put your hands up if you have ever made a Pinterest board dedicated to your future wedding. Alright, now keep them up if you're single AF right now. Yup, me too - so when I got the opportunity to play bride AND bridesmaid for this blog, I was hyped! The best part is that everything I've featured is SUPER affordable, because I don't have a single friend who could look at a $7,000 wedding dress and go "yeah, that's perfect!" (I'm looking at YOU "Say Yes To The Dress!" Ain't nobody got Pnina Tornai money!) I've listed the clothes, the prices, and my suggestions on how to add a little something extra below the pictures, so scroll through and enjoy! ~CC~

~The Bride~

Boutique Emily Beaded Maxi Dress - Price $88 - Boohoo

Rosie Bridal Satin Glitter Sole Two Part - Price (ON SALE) $32 - Boohoo

I think this gown is beautiful - the beading on the top half of the dress negates the need for any jewelry, and the bottom half is super flowy and feminine.

My Recommendations: If you want this dress to make a little bit more of a statement, add a floor length petticoat or tulle skirt like the one below! For an extra bit of pizzaz and uniqueness, you can get it in fun color!

WDPL Women's Long Tutu Tulle Skirt A Line Floor Length Skirts - Price $39 for a size small - Amazon

~The Bridesmaid~

Hybrid Fashion Edie Off Shoulder Tulle Dress With Ballerina Skirt - Price $139 - Hybrid Fashion

Darcy Bridal Glitter Two Part Sandal - Price $52 - Boohoo

This dress is the answer to a bridesmaid's most important question - "where on earth can I wear this again?!" The answer? Pretty much everywhere.

My Recommendations: Wear this flouncy number with a pair of heels anywhere from tea to the Ascot. Then, style it with a pair of trainers and a denim or leather jacket and be the girl who can rock a princess dress all day, every day. BE BOLD, ladies!

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