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Holland Cooper

What's up guys and gals! Like I promised, I'm back with another blog, and today it's featuring Holland Cooper! For those of you who don't know, Holland Cooper was created by the gorgeous and ever so fashionable Jade Holland-Cooper in England! Their style is very sophisticated, and they take classic "tweedy" pieces and re-imagine them so that they fit the modern world, while still maintaining that definitive English charm.

Recently they released a new line of belts and skinny jeans, and I had the privilege of styling them! Let's start with the jeans, which happen to be in my all time favorite color, light pink. I LOVE that these are a higher waisted cut and how they really hug your curves, plus the monogramed HC logo makes you feel so luxe. You know if you have to jump into a pair of jeans, they are a stellar pair of jeans!! The belt is such a statement piece - the outfit just doesn't feel complete without it. It adds a bit of bling without going too over the top, and honestly it fits perfectly with Holland Cooper's other classic styles. The top is also a work of art, the buttons on the shoulders and up the cuffs, paired with a coorosponding metallic zipper really make the top one you'll reach for over and over again!

I've styled my look today with a pair of heels from Public Desire and my Dower & Hall drop pearl necklace to create a more street style look, but the best part about these pieces is that you can dress them up or down!

Necklace - Dower & Hall

Hope you loved today's blog! Check back for more!



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