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How To Survive London Fashion Week

CC Mason stands on a hotel baggage trolly in a black sequin gown
CC Mason at London Fashion Week by Leigh Bowles-Meentzen

London Fashion Week - It's A LOT. It's a lot of designers, a lot of shows, a lot of taxi rides, a lot of after parties, and a LOT of running. So here's everything you need to know to survive London Fashion Week, from someone who's done it all... a lot.

Getting In to the Shows How to survive London fashion week

CC Mason exits the NewGen Space at London Fashion Week in a red plaid suit

Getting in to the shows is arguably the hardest part of London Fashion Week, and a process that begins long before the week itself does. If you are part of the press, media, or are a content creator with over 10,000 followers, you can apply to be accredited by the British Fashion Council, which basically means they let all of the brands know you have their seal of approval. How to survive London fashion week

If you don't have that many followers, or you do but don't get accredited, fear not! There are some shows that have publicly availably RSVPs so you can put your name on the list for consideration, or you can try reaching out to the brands directly, or you can reach out to any of the city-wide celebrations or 'off schedule' shows and events that are happening. Keep in mind, however, that there is very limited seating at the runways, so you might get more than a few 'no's', and that's okay!

Where to Stay

This portion of the blog is done in collaboration with the Hilton Hyde Park Hotel.

CC Mason lounges on a bed in a robe and sunglasses at the Hilton Hyde Park

There are hotels all over London, but my favorite by far, and the one I keep returning to, is the Hilton London Hyde Park. You may even recall that I wrote about them last year, and I can confirm that a year later, their rooms are still clean, quiet, peaceful and incredibly spacious! They really are perfectly located for everything that I find myself doing during fashion week, You also have the added bonus of being across from the famous Hyde Park, which I believe is a must explore for everyone who's never been to London. In the hustle and bustle of the city, it really is a haven.

A view at the hilton hyde park overlooking hyde park
Hyde Park as seen from the Hilton Hyde Park Hotel

The NewGen Space for fashion week for example, where the majority of the big shows are held, is located about 1.8 miles, or on a slow day, 12 minutes from the Hilton. It also sits right next to the London underground, which if you didn't see the sign, you would honestly never know, because the hotel itself is so well insulated from the noise.

CC Mason lounges on the bed in a suite of the Hilton Hyde Park in a robe

The Hilton is also wheelchair accessible, with an elevator, which is something that's missing in a shocking number of hotels in the UK.

The Hilton team was kind enough to put me, and my mom, who is my right hand in everything I do, in the King Deluxe Room with a view, which had all the amenities a girl could ask for. The mattress was incredibly comfortable and they accommodated my down feather allergies by swapping everything out for hypoallergenic pillows and comforters. The room was FULL of outlets, both standard and USB, which feels like such a blessing compared to the usual 'one outlet on the opposite side of the room behind the door' scenario that we all run into so frequently.

And if you'd like a mini room tour, you can check out my video on TikTok here!

CC Mason and her mom Leigh Bowles-Meentzen lounging at the Hilton Hyde Park

Another great thing is the breakfast buffet! The Hilton London Hyde Park does an excellent job catering to travellers who may have different tastes, business people who have to get up early, and families with a lot of mouths to feed.

baked goods at the hilton hyde park

If you're looking for a hot breakfast, the buffet offers scrambled, fried, and soft boiled eggs, sausages, bacon (the British kind, which to Americans would be classed as more like a thin ham steak), mushrooms, beans, cooked tomatoes, and hashbrowns, which were definitely my favorite. They also have different specials depending on the day, for example when I was there it was customizable omelettes or porridge!

the breakfast buffet at the Hilton Hyde Park

Of course, if you're keen on a cold breakfast, they offer a wide range of breads, croissants, and other pastries along with cereals and a wide spread of cold cuts, cheese, cucumbers, and tomatoes.

Here's a look at the plates mom and I made ourselves for breakfast one morning!

Breakfast at the Hilton Hyde Park

It's always a real treat to visit the amazing Hilton hotel, and be welcomed so warmly by their team every year. At this point, it's really a home away from home!

What to Bring

*This portion of the post contains affiliate links, which means I may make a small commission if you purchase something using these links. I've tried to include USA and UK links when possible :)

For Your Feet

a street style photo of a multiple coordinating plaid outfit with red tights and white heels
Photo by Leigh Bowles-Meentzen

They say one must suffer for beauty, and nowhere is that more true than London Fashion Week. Running, sometimes quite literally, in a dozen different pairs of heels and boots, some of which you've probably never worn before can be agonizing, so I've taken to using a cooling and numbing foot spray or gel.

I also recommend getting some of the cushioned blister patches (or plasters for my UK peeps) and keeping them in your bag.

If you are wearing heels, put a small pair of flats in your bag, too. It's much easier to get around the city when you're not limping on sore feet (and I know that from personal experience!)

CC Mason and Riana Horner Brown outside the Paul Costelloe show by Leigh Bowles-Meentzen
CC Mason and Riana Horner Brown outside the Paul Costelloe show by Leigh Bowles-Meentzen

For Your Hair

There is bound to be wind and rain, so it's best to prepare for it. A mini hairbrush and some soft hair ties that won't break your hair, along with a mini can of resealable (and that part's important, trust me!) hairspray should be added to your handbag arsenal as well.

My personal favorite hairspray, which I think works incredibly well to hold styles without looking stiff, is the Spray de Mode from Bumble and Bumble. I've gone through two bottles of this already and it's one of the few hairsprays where I didn't get breakage on my processed hair. (Not sponsored but I wish it was lol) I also use a hair gel to keep the baby hairs around my face down. Even with all of this, sometimes your hair will be a mess, and you'll just have to own it!

Finally, a clear umbrella is a lifesaver if you want to show off your outfits and stay dry at the same time!

For Your Face

Both you and your face will be tired, because you probably won't be getting much sleep, so I recommend bringing some under eye masks, as well as a good moisturizer!

UK Shoppers: Eye Masks

USA Shoppers: Eye Masks

For Your Back

This one may or may not be a problem for you, but I always get a sore lower back at these events, so I bring my heating pad to the hotel. Yes, I do look like someone's grandmother, and no, I don't feel sorry about it at all. If you don't have access to a heating pad that plugs in, there are some great patches you can bring too.

For Travel

CC Mason in a London Black Cab at London Fashion Week

For taxis, which are often the quickest/most direct route from venue to venue, I recommend the Gett app, which locates and brings the iconic London black cabs to you.

You can use Uber, but with all of the safety concerns which have arisen over the last several years, mostly for women, I personally believe it's best to take the black cabs. Plus, the drivers must have a complete mental map of the entire city to obtain their licenses, so they are guaranteed to know all the shortcuts.

For the trains, look to the TfL Go, TFL Oyster, and Citymapper apps.

Keeping all of that in mind, I think the one thing you absolutely cannot forget, is to have fun. I've met some of my favorite people, in friends and in business, because of London Fashion Week, and I can't wait to go back in September!

A pair of arms sticking out of the sheets of a bed holding a glass and bottle of wine

That's London Fashion Week - DONE!


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