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Summer Lovin' with Brea Mall!

What's up guys and gals! I'm back with my first blog in a long while, and it's in collaboration with my favorite shopping center- Brea Mall! Now I've written about Brea Mall (and the amazing group that owns them, Simon) quite a few times on my site, but today I'm bringing you a feature on some of their latest summer styles.


First on my list at Brea Mall was Guess by Marciano. Guess by Marciano is the luxe line by Guess, but it's increased price tag comes with an increase in style and quality! When you wear a quality item, you can tell immediately - the fabric, the way the way the zipper is sewn, everything is just that much more finely crafted. As opposed to the other Guess line focusing mainly on denim and t-shirts, Marciano focuses on dresses, coordinates, and jumpsuits! Perfect for every girl's get together and summer garden party imaginable! (And can I just say, those heels were some of the most comfortable I've ever worn!)


Up next was Australian active wear line Lorna Jane! I'll be the first to admit that I was unfamiliar with the brand, but after trying on their pieces, I'm thoroughly in love!Their leggings fit like a dream, and rally help to accentuate the - ahem - assets, without squeezing you to death. Similarly, their sports bras support WITHOUT flattening you to non-existence, which besides being unflattering can be down right uncomfortable. As an added bonus, most of the pieces have a place to put your phone!


I stopped by to see my favorite babes at Michael Kors, who were promoting their PRIDE line, before heading on over to Bare Minerals.


Bare Minerals have the perfect makeup to wear in the hot summer months, as it's light weight and won't clog your pores with mystery ingredients! I was only somewhat familiar with the Bare Minerals line of products, and discovered that they had far more than just the powder foundation I was familiar with!The lovely girls in store helped explain all of the new products, including their amazing "warmth" pressed bronzer which I was lucky enough to take home with me. I've used it now and it will definitely become one in my rotation!


Last but not least was Quay Australia (which is pronounced KEY). I've been a long-time wearer of Quay Australia's sunglasses, and was thrilled at the opportunity to work with them! They've worked with incredible influencers and artists, from Desi Perkins and Shay Mitchell (who I work with on Pretty Little Liars) to, more recently, the goddess JLO herself. They've also recently come out with a new line which is supposed to protect your eyes from "blue light" given off by all of our electronics. All of their frames are perfect for putting the finishing touch on any summer look!

I really hope you babes enjoyed my blog, and thanks again to Brea Mall and Simon for working with me! Keep your eyes peeled for the next one, as it will be coming out soon!

Lots of love,


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Jul 16, 2019

Looking great, CC! Love those shoes! A great shame I can no longer rock them anymore! Way too old now (if I am allowed to say that)😁👍🏻😍

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