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~The Best Eats In Britain!~

As a tourist in the United Kingdom, you don't have to be here long to realize that “Sunday lunch” is a a staple of UK eating. Any good pub will be shoulder to shoulder on a Sunday from noon to four with people ordering it's best Sunday lunch.

But what exactly is the “Sunday lunch?" Traditionally it is Yorkshire pudding (a savory pastry) with gravy, some roasted sliced meats, a great selection of fresh veg, some sausage stuffing and, if you get extra lucky, cauliflower in a cheese sauce, aptly named Cauliflower Cheese.

I like to think we’ve become pretty good in sniffing out the best places to find Sunday lunch, so I thought I'd share a few of our favorites!

The Spotted Dog

Penshurst, Kent

A 15th Century Timbered Pub Friendly Service and classic food

Dog Friendly 

For this restaurant, mom and I did what we often do, and we ordered two different dishes. This Sunday lunch came with all the fixings and a side of gorgeous seasonal vegetables! I also tried one of their savory pies - Steak and Ale (my favorite). Both were equally scrumptious!

The Wheatsheaf

Brantley, Guildford, Kent

Just down the road from from Guildford Castle is the Wheatsheaf Pub. We sat on the outside patio which was decorated with a gorgeous array of flowers. Along with a classic Sunday Lunch, we ordered one of my other favorites - a Ploughmans. For the uninitiated, a Ploughmans is another traditional British meal consisting of a selection of cheeses, sliced meats, crusty bread and usually pickles or chutneys and some kind of fresh fruit, depending on what's in season!

The Horse and Groom

Upper Oddington, near Stow-on-The-Wold

I have a special place in my heart (and stomach!) for this pub. It was owned by my mothers' family for 200 years! We stop by whenever we are in the UK and have seen it change hands a few times, but we were particularly ecstatic over the new menu and the changes the current owners have made!

Built in 1580, this Grade 2 listed building has recently seen the addition of a comfortable lounge area, a babbling brook, and a kitchen garden. We had the classic Sunday roast dinner accompanied by some local Dunkertons Black Fox cider. 

We finished with a light and luscious creme brûlée with homemade shortbread cookies. 

Hope you babes enjoyed! Keep a look out for the next installment of our food adventures as we continue to travel around the world!

Lots of Love,



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