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~Happy Socks~

What's up guys and gals?! Today we have something a little bit different to kick off the new year! I was recently contacted by my friends at Happy Socks and they asked if I would be interested in featuring their AMAZING socks on my blog. Naturally I said yes! I mean, how could I turn down an opportunity to tell you all about these adorable socks and undies?!

I have featured a bunch of different patterns in this post from several of their ranges, including their Pride collection which is tied for first place with my other faves, the socks with the steller Blood Drops! (What can I say, I'm secretly a goth kid at heart.)

Links to their website and all of the socks that I'm wearing are below! Hope you enjoyed this post, and make sure to check back every week for more fashion, DIY, and lifestyle blogs!

Love, ~CC~

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