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~Boohoo Store LA~

What's up guys and gals?! Today I'm bringing you along to the Boohoo Store LA! This fantastic little place in Los Angeles is a pop-up store for the English fashion company Boohoo. This was the first time I have been to a pop-up and I really like the idea of it!

Boohoo made a super cute store full of color, flowers, art, and of course phenominal clothes. The flower-filled sefie wall in the pictures took about 20 man hours to build and it's definitely the coolest selfie wall EVER! I have purchased from Boohoo in the past and have even blogged them before so I was really looking forward to this. Comparably I would say their price point is similar to H & M. and a good value for the money.

At the store they had a terrific selection of items perfect for festival wear; some cute bathing suits and cover ups, summer dresses and co-ord sets, on trend sunglasses and really just everything you need to be fashionable all summer long. Needless to say Boohoo's clothes this season are all that and a bag of chips! It was great to see the high quality of the clothing and feel the fabrics.

The gals working at the store were super helpful and friendly and even took a couple of these photos for me. They also let me wear this gorgeous boho kimono! The detailing on the sleeves and back design are wildly intricate, so much so that I would have expected the price to be WAY higher than the $44 US that it's currently being sold for. This is one of the items which I will order and wear a lot.

Before I get into the rest of my outfit, I HAVE to talk about the jewelry I'm wearing. This amazing piece of beauty and utility is the "Hair Tie Bracelet" sent to me by my friends at Maria Shireen! Every girl knows the struggle of summer; you want to leave your hair down because it's cute and beachy, but it's HOT. So what do you do? You grab a hair tie, put it on your wrist, and let it dig into your arm all day. How 'bout "NO"?! Instead, you can rock a hair tie bracelet! It holds your hair tie when you're not using it, and still stays a chic piece of jewelry for when you finally cave and throw your hair into a pony! They come in a variety of metals and colors, but the one I'm wearing is in rose gold, because OF COURSE it is!

To visit the store I wore grey, high-waisted embellished jeans from H&M. These jeans are a few years old, and as I was cleaning out my closet I rediscovered them and decided to give them a new life! And by "give a new life" what I mean is "take a pair of scissors and a razor blade to them and rip a bunch of holes!" The ridiculously tall lace up booties are faves of mine from BCBGeneration and have been kicking around in my closet for a couple of years, I wore them in my VERY first blog post which I did in the winter of 2015, so it just goes to show how versitile they are! The top is a simple black crop, a wardrobe staple, which I bought from the UK company Pretty Little Thing.

I hope you guys enjoyed the blog! Remember to check back every week for more fun! I'll have a couple of blogs about my trip to England soon, so watch out for those!

Thanks for reading! ~CC~

Anna Boutique Embroidered Back Print Kimono - Boohoo

Hair Tie Bracelet in Flower Design Rose Gold - Maria Shireen

Basic Black Short Sleeve Crop Top - Pretty Little Thing

Jeans - H&M ( Distressed by me )

Shoes - BCBGeneration

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