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~Mermaid Life~

What's up guys and gals?! Today we've got a totally fab streetwear look!

I'm wearing a lot of pink lately, and this outfit is no exception! It's partly because pink is an "in color," but mostly because it's my favorite color. Twelve year old me would be SO UPSET by this, of course, as twelve year old me wore ONLY black and looked like she wanted to be in/date all of Fall Out Boy. (I've come a long way guys! Haha!) This top is from the babes at Sincerely Sweet Boutique, who are selling a host of fantastical mermaid accessories, so if you're really from the briny deep, swim on over to their shop! I have to mention that I got this top at the Sincerely Sweet pop up shop! Thanks so much for inviting me!

My purse, which can double as a backpack, is also from Sincerely Sweet. I really loved how the mint polka dot print coordinated with the mint decal on the shirt, and I felt that pairing a bigger bag with this look made it much more wearable.

The white jeans are from GJG Denim, and have a lot of fantastic little details. The mesh inlays on the front are great at separating these jeans from the typical high-waisted white jeans, and the mesh is also inkeeping with the whole mermaid theme. I love how high the back pockets are on these jeans, as my biggest complaint with high-waisted jeans is the dreaded "mom butt," which is often caused by low back pockets.

My shoes are my white barely-there heels from Missguided. They're really a wardrobe staple, and if you were thinking about making a capsule wardrobe, these shoes are definitely a must!

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed the blog! As always the links are below! See you next time!


Jeans - GJG Denim

PS: Had to give a shoutout to Amber Sunsets who drew me AS A MERMAID based on this outfit! Go give her a follow on Twitter, because she's awesome!

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