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~Backyard Zen with SquareHearts~

What's up guys and gals?! I thought in today's post I'd get a little zen and break out some (admittedly quite beginner) yoga moves! I'm totally desperate to soak up the last of the California sun before we actually start to have some sort of weather here, so I figured, what better way to do that with some backyard yoga!

Everything I'm wearing in today's om-mazing (haha see what I did there?!) post is from the lovelies at SquareHearts. I've featured SquareHearts a bunch of times on this blog and my Instagram, but for those of you who don't know, SquareHearts is a monthly subscription box that delivers a package full of trendy fashion right to your door! How convenient is that?! You don't even have to leave the house or put on pants! (Except for the ones they send you, of course.)

October's box features all the cozy creature comforts of fall - a pair of classic black leggings, a white tee, a cuddly cropped sweatshirt, and a pair of breathable undies with a matching sports bra. The best part is that all of these pieces can be styled together, like I've done here, or individually! The white t-shirt, for example, goes with just about anything. You can put it with a pair of jeans, sneakers, and a leather jacket and head out the door! Or you can knot the shirt in the front, throw on a leather skirt and some heels and be ready for a night on the town! Each of these pieces can easily fit into a capsule wardrobe, or for those who have a clothing addiction (like myself), an ever expanding closet! (P.S. Has anyone else started taking over the closets in all the rooms of their house? 90 pairs of shoes take up a surprising amount of space!)

If you're interested in signing up for SquareHearts, you can use my code "CC10" to get $10 off your first month AND a FREE $100 Beauty box! How cool is that?! I've included a little more info about SquareHearts below, so you can learn more about them.

Hope you guys liked this look! Remember to keep checking back for more posts and, as always, the links to everything are down below! See ya next time!


Click HERE to subscribe to SquareHearts! || Use my code "CC10" to get $10 off your first month AND a FREE $100 Beauty box

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