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~Brea Mall - Great Eats at Nordstrom Cafe! Part 2~

What's up guys and gals?! Today I'm bringing you an inside look at the Brea Mall's Nordstrom Marketplace Cafe, and all of the delicious food they make! This is the PERFECT place to go if you're looking for a satisfying and refreshing bite to eat in between your shopping. They have a wide range of food options, for those of you who want to totally pig out or for the ones on a diet! Here's a look at some of my favorite bites I had while lounging in the summer sun on the patio!

First up is this lovely cup of tomato soup! It was bright and fresh tasting, and avoided being overly thick and weighted down with cream like some tomato soups are. The little crostini had just the right amount of salt and cheesiness to complement the soup when dipped in, without overwhelming any of the flavors. Overall it was a great way to start the meal! ($4.50)

Next up is this Asian Chicken salad, which I devoured immediately! There is something SO satisfying about a salad when it's done correctly. The contrasting textures of the crispy wontons, halved peanuts, juicy chicken and snappy red bell peppers made each bite exciting. Tied together with a zesty Asian vinaigrette, this salad is GREAT for those on a diet, but won't leave you feeling deprived! It's also one of the Cafe's best sellers! ($14.25)

For those of you who push salads to the side in favor for glorious carbs, this pizza is for you! It has an ultra-thin crispy crust and the freshly cut tomatoes serve just the right amount of acidity to balance out the creamy, salty cheese. Topped with freshly chopped basil, this pizza is simply perfection! ($13.00)

Oh my gosh you guys, this Chili Spiced Chicken noodle dish was SO GOOD. Sweet, sour, spicy, and satisfying - this dish has it all! This is definitely one of the most underrated items on the menu, and if you go to the cafe, you HAVE to try it. When I go back to the cafe (which I promise I will) THIS will be the thing I order. The different textures in this dish really make every bite unique. There's the crunchy watercress, the snap of the green beans, the supple eggplant, the savory morsels of chicken, and the noodles, which are perfectly cooked. In no uncertain terms - ORDER THIS DISH! ($14.75)

This Pan Seared Chicken is definitely one of the dishes for those of you who are dieting. The chicken is moist and full of flavor, which is wonderful, because, let's be honest, dry, dull chicken is the bane of every person trying to eat healthy! The arugula salad is equally as impressive, and leafs you (haha sorry, couldn't help but put a pun in there) without all of the bitterness that arugula sometimes has! Add a squeeze of fresh lemon, and you're good to go! ($17.00)

For those of you with a more traditional palette, the club sandwich is always a great go to! This chicken club sandwich features maple glazed bacon and velvety avocado. The chips are coated in a smokey, peppery blend that give you a next-level barbecue flavor. It's an elevated take on a classic menu item, and I loved it! ($13.50)

Finally, there's the dessert, and boy oh boy was it amazing! In this picture is the creme brulee, which was BY FAR, the best one I've EVER had, and the Cafe's "Royale" cookie, which has coconut, macadamia, and huge chocolate chunks. I lived, I died, and I lived again for these. The creme brulee was SO packed full of vanilla flavor, and the tartness of the raspberries really balanced out the creaminess. I couldn't resist doing a video of myself cracking the sugar layer, what a satisfying sound! The cookie was equally impressive, it was a very satisfying dessert, and like all the rest of the food, it had phenomenally balanced flavors! Not too sweet, not too mushy or too crunchy - everything worked together in perfect harmony!

I hope you all loved this blog! Thanks so much to Brea Mall, Simon, and the Nordstrom Cafe for collaborating with me to make this happen, I had SO much fun!

Check out the Cafe HERE!

Thanks for reading!


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