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~Holiday Time with Brea Mall!~

What’s up guys and gals?! Happy Holidays!! The gift giving season is upon us, and I again had the pleasure of working with the Brea Mall to present to you some of my favorite pieces (all of which are available at Brea Mall!)

(The Mall gave me my own table to show off my top five gift picks, which I'll list here for you now!)

The Selfie frame was a huge success!


First on the list is this absolutely stunning bag from Micheal Kors ($450). The “Whitney” bag is their latest and greatest bag; a red, multi-textured shoulder bag with a durable yet shockingly light weight chain and dramatic gold detailing. I chose this particular color because I thought it meshed seamlessly with most girl’s fall and winter wardrobes, but if red isn’t your bag (haha see what I’ve done there?!) It also comes in black! I personally can attest to the incredible quality of this bag, as the lovely ladies at the Brea Mall Micheal Kors store gave me a different version for my birthday! I’ve been putting it through it’s paces already and it is INCREDIBLE! So thank you so much to the babes at Micheal Kors for that!!

(This Whitney Large Quilted Tri-Color bag in Oxblood is what I was gifted from the incredible girls at Micheal Kors! Needless to say, I was in absolute shock, and I still can not find enough ways to say thank you to them!!!)


($2899) is the ultimate “WOW” gift for any man in your life! It’s engraveable, so you can write a personalised message to Bae, and it’s perfect for celebrating the holiday season, as well as anniversaries, weddings, or if you’re a baller, any random Tuesday! Haha! Seriously though, Ben Bridge makes some incredible quality pieces, and their whole collection is DEFINITELY worth a browse! Also, though this is marketed towards men, I really think it could be a unisex piece, especially for any ladies in your life that love chunkier pieces of jewelry!

~For Everyone~

Have you ever walked through a cosmetics store looking for gifts only to walk back out in a cloud of indecision? Will they like that product? Will they like it enough to use a whole bottle if I buy it for them? What’s their skin type anyway? How do you bring that up naturally in conversation?! Well luckily Kiehls has got you covered with their limited edition Advent Calendar ($70)! This immediately had to go on my gift list, because it is a fabulous way for people to test out products and figure out what they like! You won’t ever have to worry about buying someone a bajillion dollar bottle of hand cream only for them to go, “meh. Not my thing!” The products inside feature some of Kiehls most popular, and each sample is large enough to really give you a feeling for what the product is like in the long term! Plus, how fun is it to get a new product every day?!

~For the Chocolate Lover~

Do I even need to explain this one?! Godiva, the king of all things chocolate, has a massive chocolate gift basket ($74.95) full of seasonal goodies and some of their tried and true classics. Is this even a question? It’s certainly not one for the girl who regularly eats chocolate for breakfast! (Somebody please tell me I’m not alone in that?!)

~The Stocking Stuffer~

Typo is great for the cute little things that you always want, like girly phone cases, glitter notebooks, marble-look phone stands and the like! You want a phone charger cable cover that looks like pink frosted sprinkled donuts? Typo’s got you covered! Plus, all of their products are very affordable, so you get a lot of bang for your buck. With this brand, everybody can get something fun, even if you’re on a budget!


So another lovely surprise of the evening was that the babes from Quay Australia were there showing off some of their new sunglasses from their collaboration with mega-influencer Jaclyn Hill! They weren't featured at my table the evening of the event, but I HAD to show off how cool these sunglasses are! PS. I need all of them. Literally all of them.

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this gift guide! Remember to check out the Brea Mall for all of this and SO much more, and another huge thank you and shoutout to them for working with me and giving me my own booth to set up for their holiday event! It was SO much fun!

Happy Holidays everybody!!

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