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A Gem You'll Never Forget!

What's up guys and gals and, now that Thanksgiving is over I can finally say, HAPPY HOLIDAYS! I for one am very much looking forward to the twinkling lights that December brings! Today's blog is about another type of sparkle, one that would make a perfect holiday gift!

That's right, I'm once again partnering up with to show off their latest collection! Their "Artisanal Collection" features new cuts that have NEVER been done before, so here are some of the glorious details!

The collection is categorized in three parts - Geometry (symmetrical precision and symbolism), Earthy Treasures (featuring nature's splendor), and Panache (a celebration of individuality!)

Each category has a selection of different cuts, Geometry features:

  • Ellipse (Oval)

  • Tale of Royals (Cushion)

  • Origami (Hexagon)

  • Illusion (Trillion)

  • Kaleidoscope (Square)

  • Cupid (Heart)

  • Rings of Love (Round)

Earthy Treasures (my personal favorite) features:

  • Quatrefoil (Clover)

  • Floret (includes 5 petal flower, 6 petal flower and leaf)

And Panache features:

  • Kite

  • Lozenge

  • Barrel

Here are a few more close-ups! Which one is your favorite?! Thank you so much to Angara for partnering with me on today's blog, feel free to visit their website and check out all of the amazing deals they have going on right now!

See ya soon! Love ya! CC <3


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