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Chanel at Venice Film Festival - Grannycore or Major BORE?!

Chanel's presence at the 2021 Venice Film Festival has not gone unnoticed. It's clear they've made a huge effort to have a major impact on all of the red carpets, but people across the globe seem less than pleased about it. Here's my take.

Penelope Cruz

Now listen- I love Chanel, I always have. The tweed, the pearls, the flap over bags, the unbelievable luxury... and none of the pieces here are individually offensive to the eye, but together, and at this event, I'm not so sure.

This first crocheted number looked more suited for your grandmother's coffee table than Venice. The heels are classic Chanel, with the heel itself being made of stacked pearls (a Chanel staple.) The wicker bag is definitely catering to Chanel's large, young, social media obsessed audience - sporting a much more bold and blatant than usual logo (which is perfect for tagging on the gram.) Last but not least, the cuff, which seems far too chunky for what is really a spring brunch look.

I'd class this one as "afternoon drinks at the yacht club." Again, this look is much more casual than one would expect for the festival, even for the morning/afternoon looks. The shoes are great, and I love the shape of the heel, but the skirt with it's massive pockets is quite unflattering (and if it's unflattering on the absolutely radiant Penelope then what hope is there for anyone else?!)

The blazer is pretty bog-standard Chanel - a piece that's been in their collections in some form or another for decades, and because of that does tend to age whomever is wearing it. The three quarter sleeves are great if you're not a fan of showing your upper arms though!

A Couture Gown! In the classic Chanel black and white - this one has me divided. Part of me loves the back detailing with the buttons down the spine, and the square neckline looks beautiful, but as we move farther down the dress I start to lose my love for it. The feathered/tasselled white sheer fabric peaking out from the black panels with bows reminds me distinctly of regency era curtains. Unfortunately this is yet another pass for me, but I'd love to see the top of this dress with a midi length skirt!

Kristen Stewart

Rompers are HARD to wear. It doesn't matter your shape, size, height, or celebrity status- a poorly fitted romper can take you from Beyonce's On The Run Tour to baby needing it's diaper changed in a hurry. Unfortunately, this is the latter. We saw something similar with Taylor Swift's Mary Katrantzou romper at the 2014 VMAs. Both were made of a thicker fabric, this one of the iconic Chanel tweed, and because of that they gather in the crotch and bottom of the romper, giving that "full diaper" effect. I do love the classic chain and button detailing, and I'd love to see more of this portion of the collection, but perhaps this one can be retired.

Here it is, the most controversial look of the festival so far, but not for the reasons anyone expected. No, it's not ultra-revealing, it's not challenging your idea of the very definition of fashion, nor is it making a political statement. In fact, it's "stole your granny's nightgown and pantaloons to play dress up" and I have never been more confused.

Some people are OBSESSED with this look, and obviously it was a great marketing strategy for Chanel, as Stewart is playing the glamorous Princess Diana, who was heavily associated with the brand, but others are just as confused as I am. I wouldn't class this as beautiful, demure, or alluring, but it did accomplish one thing well...getting in the headlines!

Those were the looks!

What's your opinion?! Were you obsessed or depressed by these looks?! Let me know over on Instagram!

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