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As a combined effort by the Korean government to try and bolster their fashion industry after it has been crippled by the global pandemic, Concept Korea showcases various Korean designers and K-pop idols to bring attention to some truly magnificent garments and designers. Stars like TXT's Yeonjun, WayV's YangYang, and BIBI all walk to digital NYFW fall/winter runway. Let's take a look at some of the best looks! (All screenshots courtesy of the NYFW website.)


The first designer showcased is WNDERKAMMER. Their video look book tells a story of the seemingly endless monotony and boredom of the last year, with their models in various empty office spaces and waiting rooms. The silhouettes of the clothes are oversized, but tailored, ostensibly taking the loungewear the world has been stuck in and transforming it into structured, couture office wear. The colors are muted creams, khakis, browns, and blacks, with a mix of linens, leathers and silks.

The accessories are simple gold chains, pearls, and large framed glasses. One of the standout pieces is a oversized muted khaki wool coat reminiscent of a military aesthetic. Overall the collection's is a handsome envisioning of what fashion might look like when people return to the workforce in person - generously cut yet well defined, allowing for both comfort and sophistication.


Presented next is ul:kin, with a decidedly more urban and street style approach to their collection. The models start out initially in what look to be glass cases, undoubtedly another nod to the confinement of the last year, but the look book quickly transforms to show that the glass they are standing of hallway, filled with fog and florescent feeling lights. The color palette mainly consists of greys and blacks, accented by subtle cream pinstripes on straight leg trousers and pops of red sweaters layered under thick coats with only the top most button done.

Immediately it is apparent that ul:kin is incorporating some familiar street style elements via bucket hats, combat boots, and strategically placed chains. Some models are shrouded in large leather trench coats or vests, while others wear only underwear emblazoned with "LSD." This collection is, if one can define it as such, classic Korean street style, with the perfect combinations of layers and textures.

JARRET by Lee Ji Yeun

Completing the fashion triumvirate is Jarret by designer Lee Ji Yeun. The vibe of this collection is immediately more blithe, with the first two models appearing in bubblegum pink relaxed trench coats. Rich purples, pale golds, khaki greens and whites decorate the brocaded pieces in amorphous shapes, as the look book takes a turn towards the militant with military style trench coats with epaulet style gold chains. This is superficially the least cohesive of the three, though it offers some stunning pieces, including the frame-only glasses and incredibly well tailored blazers adorned with the previous brocade.

In summary, it was an excellent compilation of three extremely talented Korean designers and creative teams, and certainly all three are worth following, as they've all produced beautiful, yet wearable pieces!


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