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Iconic Models: A Series - Coco Rocha

During my first trip to New York, I was lucky enough attend Coco Rocha's model camp, an intensive three day class where she teaches prospective and established models alike the ins and outs of modelling and the industry. At the start of the event, she reviewed each portfolio, and when she reviewed mine, she commented on how I always had very similar hairstyles, and that she would like to see me push outside of my comfort zone - and this created an idea. In this series, I venture out side of that comfortable space as a model by recreating some looks from Iconic Models, and who better to start with than Coco herself?!

I picked this look, shot by Mikael Schulz for Allure Korea in November of 2014, partially because I adore Coco in pixie cuts and partially because I happened to have a similar style wig that I purchased from Rene of Paris years ago. This truly is a complete 180 from my long, blonde hair, and I have to say that I lived for it!

During the Model Camp, Coco chose to style me with my hair completely slicked back, so that the focus of the image really was just my face, and this hairstyle does the same thing. In the next few shots, I really tried to channel her style of modelling - expressive face, avantgarde posing and movement and, my biggest struggle, delicate hands.

(Photo taken by Nick Suarez at Coco Rocha Model Camp. Art Direction - Coco Rocha, Outfit - Janey Lopaty, Hair - Carolyn Cina, Makeup - Michelle Albrecht)

Here are a few more shots, all inspired by Coco's poses (1000 of which you can find in her book "Study of Pose", photographed by Steven Sebring.)

I hope you enjoyed the first of Iconic Models: A Series! Let me know who I should spotlight next over on my Instagram CCMasonRlly!

- CC

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