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Minimalist Girlies REJOICE! New York Fashion Week is Here to Make Your Office Wear Chic

I've always known NYFW as a place where brands pushed the envelope, but this year they're doing it in an ostensively more subtle way. The minimalist style girlies are going to have a field day stocking their wardrobes with these brands for spring, and I think I might just join them!

Three brands spring (haha see what I did there?) to mind from this week's Spring/Summer 2024 runways - Bevza, Helmut Lang, and Theory.


Created in 2006 by Ukrainian Svitlana Bevza, this brand defines itself as "less and luxe," so all of my minimalist girlies should rejoice. Their Spring/Summer '24 collection focused on only 3 colors - white, black, and a soft silver, and offered relaxed but impeccably tailored silhouettes. Take a look Here

Helmut Lang

The Helmut Lang brand was established in 1986, and has defines itself by the three pillars of Utility, Civility, and Deviance, so it shouldn't be surprising that this collection has a slight tongue-in-cheek look at the strictly structured and subdued minimalist dressing. I've been lucky enough to own a piece or two of Helmut Lang over the years, and honestly the quality is superb. If you find a piece you like, you'll be able to wear it for many years to come. Take a look HERE


Theory's entire brand was founded on one perfectly fitted trouser, so it's no surprise that, during a time in fashion where people are arguing about wide leg vs skinny leg vs extra long vs cropped, that they would offer all of those options and do it fabulously. Take a look HERE

*photos sourced from Getty Images


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