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NYFW - Trends to Watch February 2021

New York Fashion Week is upon us, and as always, the clothes hitting the runway now will set the standard for the ready-to-wear and high street fashion of Fall/Winter 2021- so let's take a look at the trends to look out for.

Puffer Jackets

It looks like puffer jackets and coats aren't going anywhere this season, as they're seen in new and exciting styles across the runway.

STAUD has blessed us with versions like this dainty floral print coat with cropped sleeves and a hem that hits just above the knee.

They've also embraced bold, vibrant reds with this longline sleeveless coat.

In stark contrast to STAUD's bold colors, Victor Li offers a more muted palette and traditional cut of the puffer jacket, this one in a bomber jacket style.

Conclusion? Any color, any cut, puffer jackets are here to stay.

Large Sequins

Though there have been many designers showcasing traditional and micro-glitters on garments this week, it's the large sequins that really stand out.

Raisa Vanessa offers a monochrome, inch wide, semi-opaque sequin which matches the dress's chocolate brown while Bronx and Banco serve up a dress made entirely of large metal sequins... and nothing else!

Conclusion? When it comes to sequins, go big and go bold, in every sense!

Simple Yet Bold Statement Jewelry

2020 saw the world embracing a more minimalistic jewelry style, in opposition to previous year's large, chunky chains. In 2021 the pendulum is slowly swinging back the other way, with brands like Lola Ade, which means "wealthy crown" in the designer's native Yoruba, mixing those delicate, minimalist pieces with more refined chains and striking colored bangles.

Conclusion? Stay minimal with your jewelry, but don't be afraid to add some color!

Color Blocking

Color Blocking was a trend originally introduced to the fashion world in 1946 by Yves St. Laurent, but is remembered most by people for it's popularity in the 1960s and 70s, and now it's making a comeback again. To be completely honest, it's a trend that has never really disappeared, just one that has been continuously reinvented over the decades, but now it is returning in it's most pure form.

Maison Atia shows off a khaki green and blush pink combination here with their fur jackets and coats, thoroughly embracing the 1960s aesthetic throughout their whole collection.

STAUD gives a more modern take with muted grey blues and tans in a familiar knit.

Conclusion? The color blocking world is your oyster! Go for it!


There is not a single brand that has debuted their collection thus far that has not in some way, shape, or form, encompassed a monochromatic palette. And by that I don't mean black and white, in fact, far from it. Brands are premiering looks in all red, all blue, and all brown tones to name a few. In fact, if I were to list every brand that did this I might as well just copy and paste the NYFW show schedule!

Conclusion? Monochrome. DO IT!

Thanks for reading! Check back for more fashion and fashion week content!



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