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Sustainable Workout Wear From Welligogs

The beginning of a new year is always a great time to undertake a fresh routine of exercise and fitness, and an essential part of most routines involves the right apparel. A great brand of fitness wear that combines recycled sustainable material, cute vibrant patterns, and durable fabrics is Welligogs.

Well Known for their beautiful equestrian and country clothing, beautiful jackets, waterproof coats, and sturdy sensible boots, Welligogs is new to the fitness wear scene. I’ve worked with them as a brand ambassador for their tweedy styles for years, but I've been trying out (and working out) in their clothing for the last six months and I've found it to be comfortable, durable, and practical! They are combing a sustainable recycled material in vibrant prints with moisture wicking, four way stretch and durability- one of the biggest key factors in sustainability. Buying quality pieces means that you can purchase less frequently and get a solid amount of wear from pieces like these. Overall, I'm totally in love!

Welligogs is mindful of sustainability by delivering products in cardboard packaging using paper tape. They reuse packaging when possible. All of these seemingly small gestures, if used by many companies can contribute to a better planet for future generations.

You can get a 10% discount on all of their clothes by entering the code CCMason <3

Shop Welligogs at the above link.

Use code CCMASON for 10% off.


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