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The Start To A Good September

What's up guys and gals?! It's the start of autumn, and that means I can officially start talking about layering, cozy coats, and stellar boots. To kick off the season I'm starting with two of the most lush of outfits! Like an onion, we'll start with the outer layers and work inwards.

Look One -

This first tweedy look is pretty on par with the colors I chose for most of my other looks, so I figured we could start here to ease us in to fall! Several months ago, I went shopping in London and found a beautiful pink felt hat in Ted Baker. This is not that hat. Why? Because I couldn't convince myself to buy a hat for over $50. Instead, I found a nearly identical hat at Primark a few weeks later for $6, and indeed, that IS this hat.

Next up, the center piece of this outfit is the teal and blush pink coat from Welligogs. Now I could wax poetic about the superb quality of this coat (in fact, I will in just a few paragraphs about the other one), but instead I'm going to focus on the color way of this one. I have honestly never seen a tweed coat with this color combo and I am absolutely mad for it! Say it with me - S T U N N I N G!

I've paired this coat with my pink Holland Cooper jeans and a beautiful white lace top from BB Dakota! The pearl necklace is from one of my new favorite jewelry companies Dower & Hall.


Look One:

Blazer: Welligogs

Necklace: Dower & Hall

Look Two -

Here's the one annoying thing about this look, the hat. The perfect leather hat with a braided accent, which somehow coordinates perfectly with the tan pinstripes in my coat and the supple leather of my boots. Where did I get it, you ask? Ah... the thrift store. Hit them up, they're full of gold!

Now how do I even begin to describe these boots from Fairfax and Favor? They're magnificent. The arrive in individual dust bags and mould themselves to your foot. After wearing what is a conservative estimate of 1000 pairs of shoes, I can say without a doubt that these are the best boots I have EVER put on my feet. They get a HUGE recommendation in my book, and I can only thank Fairfax and Favor for sending them my way!

Speaking of craftsmanship, this coat is unbelievable. Sent to me from Welligogs, this coat is masterfully crafted. When I posted about it earlier on Instagram, I talked about how you can really feel the quality of a piece when you take it out of the box, and this is certainly no exception. Every detail is beautiful, from the multicolored lining to the perfectly placed stitches in the sleeves. This coat is certainly on the pricier side of things I normally recommend, but it's a coat that will last you a LIFETIME.

I've paired this country look with a pair of classic blue jeans, this pair is from YMI, a Gucci belt (which I got on sale at Bicester village), and a white flowing top from Vesper247 to bring a bit of femininity to an otherwise very structured look. I would also recommend a white knit top or turtleneck as the weather gets cooler!

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Look Two -

Coat: Welligogs

Belt: Gucci

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Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed! Keep checking back for more great stylings!

Love ya!



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